I love to think about how we think. This is basically just that. Maybe its a conversation within me? maybe a collection of epiphanies? Or maybe its just me finding a pattern in chaos…

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy them.I’m new here and I’d really really be elated to hear from all of you as well! All love and support in appreciated 🙂

P.s- We’ll talk about anything under the sun. And beyond.

Peace out.

Gayathri Kannan


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hmm. How about reading ? Or writing ? Well …What makes you want to read a post ? You see, I’m new here and I’d love to make friends along the way . ..


  2. Ahh… it has a happy ending though … it’s beautiful how the guy teaches his friends son how to fly a kite …. you’ll be in happy tears soon 🙂


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